Awards made for 2014

Applicant: Professor Martin Collinson
Institution: Aberdeen University
Student: Ms Zoe Ross
Project Title: Development  of a new chicken model of the human lower limb abnormality, ‘clubfoot’.
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Applicant: Professor Susan Evans
Institution: University College, London  
Student: Mr James Turbett
Project Title: A geometric morphometric analysis of inner ear morphology in reptiles.
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Applicant: Professor Andrew Pitsillides
Institution: Royal Veterinary College, London
Student: Ms Bethany Charlton
Project Title: Does embryo motility influence longitudinal growth of skeletal elements to alter limb form in developing crocodylians?
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Applicant: Dr Fabio Quondamatteo
Institution: NUI Galway, Ireland
Student: Ms Orla Cullivan
Project Title: Distribution and quantification of mast cells in non-injured skin in a murine model of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
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Applicant: Dr Abigail Tucker
Institution: King’s College, London 
Student: Mr Dean Malik
Project Title: Understanding the development of the external ear: insights from mouse models
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