What you need to do to apply for the Anatomical Society Training Programme:

  1. Read the ‘Brief Module Overviews’ on the website
  2. Decide which modules you want to complete
  3. Fill out the ATP application form (available from June 2024)
  4. Send an electronic version to Clemens Kiecker c/o Dr Hannah Webb (anatomytrainingprogramme@gmail.com)
  5. If you are a member of the Anatomical Society and would like to apply for a bursary, then you need additionally to:
  6. Fill out the ATP bursary form (available from June 2024)
  7. Send it to Clemens Kiecker c/o Dr Hannah Webb (anatomytrainingprogramme@gmail.com)


Please note the application form will be published here in June 2024 with a deadline of August 1st, if you intend to join the programme commencing 1st September 2024.