What you need to do to apply for the Anatomical Society Training Programme:

  1. Read the ‘Brief Module Overviews’ on the website
  2. Decide which modules you want to complete
  3. Fill out the ATP application form. (ATP-Application Form )
  4. Send an electronic version to Clemens Kiecker c/o Dr Hannah Webb (anatomytrainingprogramme@gmail.com)
  5. If you are a member of the Anatomical Society and would like to apply for a bursary, then you need additionally to:
  6. Fill out the ATP bursary form (atp--bursary-form)
  7. Send it to Clemens Kiecker c/o Dr Hannah Webb (anatomytrainingprogramme@gmail.com)


Please note the application form is available to download (above) with a deadline of August 1st, if you intend to join the programme commencing 1st September 2024.