Make a Bequest and/or Donation

(i) Mechanism for Leaving a Legacy to the Society

We recommend that you consult a solicitor or qualified Will-writer before making a Will or changing an existing one. These professionals will be able to give you all the legal and tax advice that you require.  Additions to an existing Will can be made using a Form of Codicil (a codicil is a document that sits alongside an existing Will, detailing any changes to it). Please note that witnesses should be present when you sign the form, but they must not be either a member of the Anatomical Society or the spouse of a member of the Society. 

If you include a legacy to the Anatomical Society in your Will, we would appreciate being informed of your generous act. To inform us of your bequest or for further information and specific advice on legacies to the Society, please contact the Honorary Secretary ( 


(ii) Mechanism for Making a Donation to the Society

As a registered charity the Anatomical Society welcomes donations.

Please contact the Honorary Secretary ( for further details.