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Experimental Morphology. Within its remit, the EFEM provides a platform for mutual exchange and it sponsors travel grants as well as Invited Lectures, with the scope of formally improving international exchange and collaboration within Europe. Each Society belonging to EFEM nominates a representative to the EFEM Council which is the Governing Body of the Federation.

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The International Federation of Anatomical Associations is the official international organisation which natio nal societies may join.  The AS is a longstanding affiliate.  It appoints two representatives to the IFAA.  As well as being responsible for organising a major series of quadrennial international meetings the IFAA has a number of standing committees that deal with particular aspects of  its affairs.  These include  the Federative International Programme on Anatomical Education and the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Research.



The purpose of the Federative International Programme for Anatomical Terminology is to maintain the IFAA Terminologies (the international standard human anatomical nomenclature), and to increase the use and usefulness of the terminologies.  To these ends, the FIPAT mission is to continually adapt the anatomical terminologies to developments in the morphological sciences and to the needs of medicine, the biomedical sciences and other health professions, and to promote the correct use of terminology among these groups and members of the general public, including writers and journalists.

Second Edition: International Anatomical Terminology (2019; pending approval by IFAA)
IFAA Terminologies


The Anatomical Society works with TEPARG to align European wide issues related to anatomical teaching and educational research. TEPARG currently meet yearly with other online communications. TEPARG is currently overseeing a range of projects including a series of papers aimed at providing an overview and the latest thinking of different areas related to anatomical teaching. Papers published so far relate to Body donation and Assessment.

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