Dental Anatomy Syllabus

The role of the dentist and dental education is evolving. Numerous changes to dental education reflect the widespread move towards integrated curricula. The role of a dental practitioner is essentially surgical in nature; within two years from the commencement of their course, undergraduate dental students will routinely undertake irreversible surgical procedures on patients. In this context, the need to ensure students are equipped with sufficient anatomy to become safe and competent practitioners is paramount, and gross anatomy must continue to provide a strong focus throughout a dental degree.

The core dental anatomy syllabus presented here was collated through consultation with a 62-member Delphi panel from a wide pool of educators associated with the majority of undergraduate dental schools in the UK. 147 anatomical learning outcomes were deemed to be applicable to all UK dental undergraduate programmes. The new recommended core anatomy syllabus for dental undergraduates, grouped into body regions, offers a comprehensive anatomical framework with which to scaffold clinical practice. The syllabus may be used in a variety of pedagogic situations, including where anatomy teaching exists within an integrated dental curriculum (both horizontally in the basic sciences part of the curriculum and vertically within the clinical years).

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