Anatomical Society Meetings Committee


The Meetings Committee aims to ensure that we organise and participate in a range of meetings that are appealing to our own membership and a wider, more specialist audience. We aim to make our meetings cost-neutral and to take advantage of online technology and learnings from our recent virtual meetings.


Action Plan

1 To ensure meetings are well attended and of interest to members covering both anatomy research and education 

2 To ensure that meetings run efficiently and to budget (cost neural for society) 

3 To increase and diversify attendance and involvement at meetings, with a focus on EDI

4 To produce topical and timely special issues from the meetings to enhance the Journal Anatomy

5 To forge links with other professional, biomedical and anatomical societies through joint meetings in the UK and internationally.

6 To diversify with virtual events to increase involvement of overseas members and those who cannot attend in person

7 To increase the visibility of our meetings through social media engagement before, during, and after scientific meetings.




Meet the Meetings Committee


Chair: Meetings Officer

Dr Lyndsay Murray (, University of Edinburgh


Deputy Meetings Officer



Meetings Administrator

Hannah Webb 



Phil Cox – University College London

Jemima Chukwu - University of Birmingham

Rocky Cheung - University of Bristol

Danya Stone - University of Brighton and Sussex

Claire Tierney (co-opted) – University of Liverpool

Rebecca Shepherd (co-opted) - University of Bristol

Kate Dulohery (co-opted) - University of Sunderland

Hannah Shaw  (co-opted) - University of Cardiff


Call for Meetings Proposals


Could you be the next host of an AS meeting? Please take a look at the Proposing a Meetings document and submit your proposal to


Proposals for Winter 2024 should be submitted by November 20th 2023.