New Fellow of the Year Award


The Anatomical Society will present a New Fellow of the Year Award to the Fellow of the Anatomical Society who has demonstrated the most significant accomplishments relative to their career stage.  The award will be presented at the Society’s Winter Meeting. The New Fellow of the Year will be selected from those elected to Fellowship during the previous academic year


Individuals must have been elected to Fellowship by the council in the previous academic year.



How to propose

The proposal form can be downloaded here.

Past Recipients

2023 None

2022 Dr Joanna Matthan and Professor Gerard O'Keeffe

2021 Dr Jennifer Paxton

2020 Professor Stephen McHanwell

2019 Dr Lyndsay Murray 

2018 Professor Zoltán Molnár

2017 Professor Jamie Davies

2016 Dr Gabrielle Finn

2015 Professor John Hutchinson

2014 Dr Abigail Tucker

2013 Professor Fergal  O’Brien (Inaugural New Fellow of the Year Award)