Studentships previously funded by the Society

Mapping the variability in the microanatomy of the cochlea and its impact on cochlear function and on cochlea implant electrical stimulation spread in the auditory nerve

Development of an iPSC loaded biomimetic scaffold for spinal cord applications

Cellular mechanisms of molar tooth morphogenesis

Is the extensive non-neuronal pathology reported in mouse models of Spinal Muscular Atrophy seen in post-mortem tissue from patients? A detailed morphological assessment

Human Origins and the Ecomorphology of Tree Climbing

Dynamics of cell behaviour during somite formation

Identifying novel molecular mechanisms underlying lateral line sense organ development using an unbiased comparative approach

How do bones acquire their shapes? Establishing a paradigm for the biology and mechanobiology of morphogenesis of synovial joints

How does joint anatomy avoid cracking under pressure?

A mixed Methods Study of Designing and Developing a Standardised Anatomy Curriculum in Nursing Education

Role of integrin cell-surface receptors in neurulation and neural tube defects

An anatomical role for adipocytes in normal and pathological bone formation

Anatomy of a human synapse

Investigating the role of mitochondria in the protection of neonatal axons from injury

Characterisation of neural/stem/progenitor cell identity, the dynamics, and the significance of postnatal neurogenesis in teh mamalian cerebral cortex

Mechanisms underlying abnormal epicardium formation in the developing heart

Modeling the Development of Human Tissues

Morphogenesis of the semicircular canal system in the zebrafish embryo

Biology and therapeutic potential of enteric nervous system stem cells for spinal cord repair

Decoding the Extrinsic Regulation of Cardiac Stem Cell Fate in Cardiovascular Disease

Investigation of the cellular and molecular consequences of maternal inflammation on the cytoarchitecture of the developing spinal cord

The role of calcium dependent neurotransmission in axon path finding and axon maintenance of specified cortical neuron populations

A new mouse model for investigating xerostomia: Fgf10 +/- mice.

Anatomy and development of the adult spinal cord neural stem cell niche.

Anatomical and molecular characterisation of vascular ingression in the embryonic vertebrate brain.

Is defective spinal cord and peripheral nerve vasculature a contributory factor to pathology in Spinal Muscular Atrophy?

Adhesion signalling in embryo-epithelial interactions at implantation.

Expression of autism susceptibility genes in the earliest stages of human cerebral cortex development.

Investigation of pathological mechanisms underlying the childhood motor neurone disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and evaluation of new therapeutic strategies.

Mechanoadaptation of developing Limbs: 'Shaking a Leg'.

Development of olfactory ensheathing glial from the neural crest.

A novel glial cell with neural stem cell properties.

The roles of planar cell polarity genes in a classical anatomical system: the cornea.

Synthetic morphology: using synthetic biology modules to engineer model tissues.

The role of the tenocyte in tendon ossification: inherent plasticity orenvironmental cues?

Investigating the development of the pharyngeal apparatus

Characterisation of the migration of neuroblasts during the formation of the cranial sensory ganglia.

Epigenetic regulation of transcriptional activity within the syncytiotrophoblast of human placenta.

Investigation into the biological effects of novel synthetic retinoid analogues on avian embryogenesis and their mechanisms of action.

Intra and interspecific craniofacial morphology in old world monkeys: environments, dietary adaptations and facial mechanics.

Cellular and molecular recognition of a novel neural migratory stream in the adult mouse brain.

Limb vein pattern analysis: a biometric  for human forensic identification.

Investigation of the embryological origin and development of intrinsic ganglia within the mammalian lung.

Elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying cell movements in early mammalian embryogenesis.

Development of Functional Regionalisation in the Human Neocortex

Comparative analysis of early axon tracts in the embryonic vertebrate brain

Axon Outgrowth in the Developing Cerebral Cortex

Table of Current Studentships