Membership of the Anatomical Society

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In order to apply for membership, you will need to complete an electronic application form and the support of two existing members. If you do not know any existing members, please see our FAQs page

Please note: You should not pay your membership fees until you have secured referees

The Anatomical Society welcomes enthusiastic and engaged members from all over the world who wish to contribute to the growth of the Anatomical Sciences.

We are pleased to welcome new members from academia and from related fields outside academia. 

The Society considers the Anatomical Sciences to include any subject in which morphology at macroscopic, microscopic or ultrastructural level is important. Thus, as well as traditional medical and veterinary anatomy it includes cell and tissue biology, neuroscience, development, biomechanics, physical anthropology and evolution.

The Membership is managed by a Membership Officer who chairs the Membership Committee, whose remit is to provide a friendly and efficient interface between the Society and the Membership. 

We have a cosmopolitan representation of our Membership which covers a large number of countries. 

Our Membership is distributed in different categories and each category has a range of benefits.

Our Membership spans from eminent and very well established long standing anatomists to undergraduate students who are starting developing their interest in Anatomy. 

We have an inclusive policy and would encourage any person with a professional interest in Anatomy to become a member of the Anatomical Society.


Membership Grades

There are several grades of membership. You can apply to membership as Early Career Member or as a Full Member, and, you can do it at any stage of your career.

Early Career Member: If you intend to apply as  Early Career Member you will require proof of your undergraduate status with indication of your graduation year, or a proof of graduation. You can find more guidance on membership applications here

If you are an undergraduate student, or are still within 5 years of your graduation from a primary University Undergraduate degree pertinent to Anatomy you can apply as Early Career Member (10 GBP/year)

If you have graduated already and hold a primary University Undergraduate degree pertinent to Anatomy for over 5 years, you can apply as a Full member (55 GBP/year)

Progression from Early Career Member to Full Member: This will happen automatically, 5 years after graduation in a primary University Undergraduate degree pertinent to Anatomy 

Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship. We recognise achievement in the anatomical field and award Fellowships (FAS) and Honorary Fellowships (HonFAS). Honorary Fellowships are awarded and proposed directly by Council. Conversely, all existing Full members can apply to become Fellows after at least 7 years of Full membership. Applications will be evaluated by Council and, subject to satisfaction of the requirement, will be awarded. More information on application to Fellowship is here.

Reduction of fees for long standing membership: Full Members and Fellows who have been either Full Members or Fellows (or a combination of both) for at least 30 years, or, that, at retirement have been either Full Members or Fellows (or a combination of both) for at least 15 years, are entitled to reduced membership fees (currently 10GBP/year)

Complimentary membership: Individuals who submit a membership application after the March council meeting of the Anatomical Society (usually held in late March) will receive complimentary membership of the Society until the following September, once their membership is approved.  Non-member participants attending the Anatomical Society winter meeting in December will receive complimentary membership of the Society until the following September once their membership is approved, provided that they submit a membership application during the January that immediately follows the meeting. 

Waiving membership: All existing members who have a career break (e.g. maternity leave, or being between jobs) can request once waiving of their membership fees for a year. An informal request should be made by email to the address below. PhD students who are recipient of studentship by the Anatomical Society will have their membership fees waived for the duration of their funding

Please note: The Anatomical Society requires that every member stating an association with the Anatomical Society (e.g. in CVs, websites etc.) should use the correct wording of their membership grade, i.e. either Early Career Member, Full Member, Fellow, or Honorary Fellow as stated in the record, and, not generically “Member of the Anatomical Society”.

For all enquiries related to membership (new member applications and existing members) please contact our office:


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Members Area

  • Information for our student members is available here
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