Anatomical Society Meetings


Anatomical Society Winter Meeting July 2022


Provisional dates: 4th-6th July

While the theme of the meeting is Anatomy through the lens of imaging, the scope of the meeting is not restrictive and submissions from all aspects of anatomical research and education are welcomed. However, the academic committee would prioritize abstracts that showcase the use of imaging modalities in anatomy, including clinical anatomy, education, research, comparative anatomy and outreach.

The aim of the Anatomical Society's Scientific Meetings is to promote high quality science and research in the anatomical sciences. 

One of the greatest strengths of the Society is its diversity and nowhere is this exemplified better than by the range of topics at our meetings.

The Anatomical Society Winter meeting

July 2022 #Anatsocwinter21

Provisional dates: July 4th-6th 2022 (To be confirmed) at University College Dublin.

Those of you who registered for the cancelled meeting in January will have their registrations rolled over for free, or you can email to ask for a refund.

Invited speakers:

Prof. Imelda M. McGonnell, The Royal Veterinary College, UK. (Keynote speaker).

Dr Kathleen Curran, UCD School of Medicine. (Keynote speaker)

Prof. Paul McLoughlin, UCD School of Medicine. (Keynote speaker)

Dr Matt Yousefzadeh- University of Minnesota. (Aging Cell Best Paper Award)

Dr Mark Pickering- UCD School of Medicine (Guest speaker)

Prof. Gilliam Morriss-Kay- University of Oxford (Anatomical Society Award)

Dr. Dearbhaile Dooley- UCD School of Medicine (Guest Speaker)

Dr Hiroshi Nagashima- University of Niigate, Japan (Journal of Anatomy Best Paper Award)


Organisers: Dr David Kilroy ( and Dr Sourav Bhattacharjee (

Academic committee members:

Dr. Sourav Bhattacharjee (Chair, University College Dublin)

Dr. David Kilroy (University College Dublin)

Dr. Arun Kumar (University College Dublin)

Dr. Denis Barry (Trinity College Dublin)

Dr. Nicola Fletcher (University College Dublin)

Prof. Alan Baird (University College Dublin)

Prof. Deirdre Campion (University College Dublin)

Dr. André Toulouse (University College Cork)

Dr. Eva Sweeney (Queen’s University Belfast)

Dr. Martina Goggin (University of Limerick)

Dr. Colm Reid (University College Dublin)

Prof. James Jones (University College Dublin)

Dr Kerry Thompson (National University of Ireland Galway)

Ms Isabel Amado (RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences)


Local organising committee members:

Dr. David Kilroy (Conference chair, University College Dublin)

Dr. Sourav Bhattacharjee (University College Dublin)

Dr. Alison Reynolds (University College Dublin)

Dr. Margot Labberté (University College Dublin)

Dr. Bridget Hogg (University College Dublin)

Mrs. Frances Le Matti (University College Dublin)

Ms. Catherine McCarney (University College Dublin)

Ms. Marie Tumilson (University College Dublin)

Ms. Jane Brennan (University College Dublin)


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