Anatomical Society Student Pages

A very warm welcome to student members of The Anatomical Society!



Students are a crucial ingredient in the society, central to its core principles, particularly in the aim of inspiring young anatomists and supporting research and learning.  Our student community is an ever-expanding proportion of the membership, and representation at our scientific meetings is now regularly 1/3 of attendees. In other words, students should be cherished and we endeavour to engage, enthuse and entertain!



The Anatomical Society offers students:


- A welcoming, supportive community

- A safe and encouraging environment to present work

- Academic and social connections

- Financial benefits

- A valued role in the society: A dedicated council representative, student events, and student website section!



These pages provide student-focused information on:




The student membership voice should be the loudest guiding the future of the society. The current student representative on council is Jeremy Mortimer (, @j_w_mortimer), PhD student in musculoskeletal tissue engineering. Feel free to get in touch with questions, and he is particularly keen to hear how the society can be improved for you as a student.