Dr Sophie Miller Memorial Prize Lecture

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The Anatomical Society presents a new prize opportunity for early career researchers to present their own unpublished or early published anatomical science research at the summer scientific meeting of the society. Early career members are encouraged to submit an abstract detailing the promise of their research area for a short (maximum 20 minutes) lecture, presented by the winning applicant at the summer meeting in the same year. The prize allows supported attendance at the meeting and early experience in science presentation and feedback dedicated to young scientists.

Dr Sophie Miller was an Anatomical Society funded PhD student from 2011-2014 at Cambridge University.  She investigated olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) and their potential for transplant-mediated repair of the central nervous system. During this time she presented at many Anatomical Society meetings, with one of the publications from her PhD work appearing in the September 2016 issue of The Journal of Anatomy. She passed away in December 2016 and her family have generously provided support for young and aspiring scientists through The Anatomical Society in her memory.


Early Career Members (society members within 5 years of graduation from a primary university undergraduate degree pertinent to anatomy).


Annually, with £200 and a prize certificate.

The award will be judged by the Prizes and Awards Committee and publicised on the Society's website, Anastomosis and social media outlets.

The prize winner may apply for the Barclay-Smith Travelling Fund for up to £400 towards the costs of meeting registration (and travel expenses and appropriate accommodation, if the meeting is in person). An application will be expected for Barclay-Smith Funding Round 4 in anticipation of the summer scientific meeting.

The prize winner will give their lecture at the summer scientific meeting of the society.

Application Entry Form Submission

The Award has now closed for 2022.

Applications require completion and return of the Entry Form, a 1 page CV and a supporting paragraph from your supervisor. All 3 parts of the application should be returned to the Society's executive administrator at maryanne.piggott@kcl.ac.uk. The annual application deadline usually occurs in March of the same year as presentation at the summer scientific meeting.


For further information please contact the Executive Administrator at: maryanne.piggott@kcl.ac.uk

Previous Awards of Dr Sophie Miller Memorial Prize

2020 (inaugural award)