Dr Eiman Abdel Meguid,

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy, Queen’s University Belfast


I knew almost from the point at which I started a bachelor’s degree in medicine at Alexandria University that I was interested in teaching. As soon as I graduated, I worked as a demonstrator in Anatomy in Egypt. Consequently, it was a natural progression to move on to a MSc then PhD. My PhD thesis was performed at Eberhard Karl’s Universität, Tubingen. I worked on how to estimate stature from measurements of long bones. After completing my PhD, I had more time to devote to planning research into aspects of Surgical Anatomy. From there, I moved to a lectureship position at King Faisal University. I rapidly realised that effective teaching includes skills in communication, collaboration, adaptability, and exchange of best practice. I enjoyed teaching anatomy with respect to its clinical orientation to prepare students to be better clinicians. I took on roles in managing degree programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as other administrative responsibilities out of interest in career progression. That provided a platform for promotion to Associate Professor then Full Professor in the Middle East.

Participating in conferences has led to publications but most significantly funded projects from Saudi Arabia. Along with interest in reward and recognition, I have worked on aspects of anatomy pedagogy. I have redesigned a high-quality engaging curriculum that enriches the students intellectually and support their progress. In 2014, I moved to UK and in my current role, I have been given the opportunity of developing more networks and pedagogic research within my own Institution as well as with colleagues in England, Ireland, Australia, and USA. Establishing collaborations with colleagues was just as important in building a career in teaching as it was in research.

I became a Senior Fellow of HE and was invited as a Visiting Scholar and Guest Speaker at Weill Cornell, NY. I was also asked to review a MSc Program by a Saudi University. I am currently the sole Anatomy Representative for the Risk Management Group at the Royal College of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and a member of the Court of Examiners. I am also sitting on the Editorial Board of Ulster Medical Journal. I have an ongoing collaboration with colleagues in the USA, and Ireland. Currently, I am the Subject Lead for dental anatomy, the Unit lead for Musculoskeletal system II for medical students and Module Coordinator for MSc in Clinical Anatomy Programme.