'Taking Action' - Upcoming Event, Anatomy Collective for Equality at The University of Bristol

Feb 24, 2023

This event is being organised by the Anatomy Collective for Equality (ACE) - a new UK-based network dedicated to addressing issues related to equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in anatomy education. Our group is made up of anatomists and educators from different institutions across the UK. 

Our upcoming inaugural event, titled ‘Taking Action’, will be held on Monday, 3rd April 2023 at the School of Anatomy, The University of Bristol. It is a one-day event taking place from 10am until 5pm. It is part meeting, part hackathon - so it is a very participative and interactive event where we will be having some action-focused conversations about promoting inclusivity and diversity in anatomy. The event is based around a single day programme to allow travel on the day and avoid accommodation expenses where possible.

More information here.