Anatomical Society Best Image Prize

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  Anatomical Society Members (membership must be current)

Awarded:  Twice a Year.

Judging Panel:  Website Committee.

Amount Awarded:
  £200 twice a year.

Deadline Dates for Next 2 Prizes:  31st October 2015 and 31st May 2016.

Images:  Should be colourful graphical images minimum 75dpi and a maximum size of 1.00MB for use on our website/newsletter. Please confirm that you have obtained permission from the people in any photos that you send to us that they are content for their photos to be used on the Anatomical Society website/newsletter.

Short Title: Title to identify image (no more than 3 words)

Narrative:  A short narrative should accompany the image (50 words - similar to a figure legend). For example: what it is; how it was produced; why it is special and so forth.

Number of images:  An applicant may submit more than one image.

Copyright:  Applicants submitting images must either own the copyright of the image or have gained the explicit permission of the copyright holder for the image to be submitted for this award. A copyright statement must accompany each application.

Submission: New method of submission to be confirmed in July or August