Memorandum and Articles of Association

The Society’s  new name, revised Memorandum and Articles came into force on the date that the Special Resolution was passed (EGM 20th July 2010). Special Resolutions were passed (AGM 20th December 2011) amending Article 4 and Article 8. Special Resolutions were passed (AGM 18.12.12) amending Article 26, Article 28b and Article 29f. Special Resolutions were passed (EGM 22.07.18) amending Article 2, Article 9 and Article 28b. Special Resolutions were passed (AGM 18.12.18) amending revised Article 2bi, Article 31f and adopting gender-neutral wording throughout the Memorandum and Articles of Association. 

The Society’s details can be found on the Charity Commission Register.

Revised Memorandum and Articles of Association AGM 18th December 2018