Guidance for Charity Trustees

1.  Charity Commission guidance in particular:

It's your decision:charity trustees and decision making
July 2013

Charity Commission Handbook on Trustees' Administrative Duties - intended primarily for new Trustees
Updated November 2012

CC3 The Essential Trustee: what you need to know
Published February 2008, updated 2010, March 2012

CC10 Hallmarks of an Effective Charity
Published February 2008

The Economic Downturn – 15 Questions Trustees need to Ask 
Big Board Talk: 15 Questions Trustees Need to Ask revised and re-issued by the Charity Commission December 2012

CC25 Managing Charity Assets and Resources
Published March 2011

The Register of Charities

2.  Good Governance: A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector (October 2010)

3.  Charity Trustee Networks (CTN) which exists to provide trustees with opportunities to access help, support and advice by sharing knowledge and experience with each other. CTN has developed an online community, through which trustees around the UK can talk to each other regardless of location. Registration is free.

4.  The Governance Hub brings together people, information and ideas about governance in the voluntary and community sector.
The Governance Hub

5. The Foundation for Science and Technology (FST)
Publishes a number of useful guidance notes. Links to two are detailed below.
Notes for Guidance - Directors and Trustees Liabilitiies.doc
Notes for Guidance - Trustee Liability Indemnity Insurance.doc

6. Skills Third Sector - Trustees and Management Committee National Occupational Standards

UPDATED: 10th October 2013