Membership of the Anatomical Society

The Anatomical Society welcomes enthusiastic and engaged members from all over the world who wish to contribute to the growth of the Anatomical Sciences.

We are pleased to welcome new members from academia and from related fields outside academia. 

The Society considers the Anatomical Sciences to include any subject in which morphology at macroscopic, microscopic or ultrastructural level is important. Thus, as well as traditional medical and veterinary anatomy it includes cell and tissue biology, neuroscience, development, biomechanics, physical anthropology and evolution.

The Membership is managed by a Membership Officer who chairs the Membership Committee, whose remit is to provide a friendly and efficient interface between the Society and the Membership. 

We have a cosmopolitan representation of our Membership which covers a large number of countries. 

Our Membership is distributed in different categories and each category has a range of benefits.

Our Membership spans from eminent and very well established long standing anatomists to undergraduate students who are starting developing their interest in Anatomy. 

We have an inclusive policy and would encourage any person with a professional interest in Anatomy to become a member of the Anatomical Society.

For all inquiries related to membership (new member applications and exisiting members) please contact our Office at:




Membership Categories and Fees

Our Membership is distributed in different categories and it offers a range of benefits. Click below on each category to see the requirements which apply to each of them and the benefits of each category.

Full member - 55 GBP/year
Early Career Member 35 GBP/year
Postgraduate Member 20 GBP/year
Undergraduate Member 10 GBP/year
Senior Members – 10GBP/year.
Career Break – free for one year

Additionally, some of our most senior members are entitled to permanent free membership.