Anatomy Training Programme

In conjunction with the American Association of Anatomists, we have developed the Anatomy Training Programme (ATP). The aim of the programme is to provide vocational training to those involved in teaching anatomy but who have not had much exposure to either human anatomy or clinical experience. The ATP consists of a 2-year distance learning programme linked to an annual, week-long summer school (currently organised at Oxford).

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2011 Course at Oxford

Prof John Morris engages the trainees during a tutorial

The course dinner for staff and trainees at the Café Rouge 

Happy ending with Dr Nagaswami Vasan being particularly relaxed.  Back row right to left: Siobhan Moyes, Claire Aland (Oxford staff member), Timothy Doubell, Lucy Hyde, Tanya Shaw, Marie Meskell, Yolanda Garcia, Brian Stramer, Ceri Davies President of the Anatomical Society. Front row:  Barbara Webb, Cheryl Vasan (AAA), John Morris, Betty Smoot (AAA). Lying down: Nagaswami Vasanwith.

ATP Photo Archive