AS Young Investigator Oral Presentation Prize

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Winner 2013

This is awarded annually at the Winter Meeting of the Society to the best oral presentation by a candidate who must have carried out the work described while an undergraduate or postgraduate student. For further information contact the Meetings Officer

Schedule 2 Clause 8. Anatomical Society Young Investigator Oral Presentation Prize 

a.        The Prize will be awarded for the best oral presentation at the Winter Meeting of the Society. It must be read and not given as a demonstration.

b.        The work presented shall have been carried out while the first author was an undergraduate or postgraduate student and presented within 1 year of the award of the Doctorate.

c.        Appropriate assessors, three in number, will be appointed by the Prize Committee; these shall attend the presentation and make recommendations for the award.

d.        Membership of the Society is not a prerequisite for an award.

e.        Young Investigators wishing to enter for the Prize must make their intentions known not later than the time of submitting the abstract, which will also be considered in the final assessment of their work.

f.         A supporting statement must be submitted by the Supervisor who has been most concerned with the work of the student. Undergraduate/Postgraduate Membership of the Society is not a prerequisite for an award.

g.     J
oint authorship is permitted, but only the first author will be eligible to compete for the Prize (and where relevant the Supervisor should confirm that the contribution is of an appropriate level).