Successful 'Skin and Bones' meeting in Bradford

The Skin and Bones meeting in Bradford was a great success, attracting over 120 attendees from Europe, America and Africa across 3 days of symposia covering the research and teaching interests and strengths of the University of Bradford. The Centre for Skin Sciences current research was well represented as was the Digitising Disease project documenting archeological material. Satellite workshops on STEM and the use of simulation in teaching were included and rounded off by a challenge to ‘Use museums or lose them’ discussing the future of anatomical collections. A public lecture on ‘Bog bodies’ by Professor Niels Lynnerup from Copenhagen attracted a full house with equal representations from public and attendees. 80 abstracts were presented, over 40 of these were poster presentations and with half of those eligible for the Cave Young Investigator Prize there was stiff competition. The winner was Eerik Aunin 'Exploring a role for regulatory miRNAs in mouse skin wound healing' and runners up were Joseph Ciano 'Variation in the distribution of Meissner's corpuscles in human fingers' & Rhia Tummon 'Phenotypic analysis of progenitor cells in the dentate gyrus throughout development'.

Prof Simon H Parson, Anatomical Society Meetings Officer

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