Anatomy Training Programme Summer School 2014

(The whole group ready to depart on the final day) 


Once again this July, our ATP participants, coming from as far afield as Texas and Aberdeen, gathered at Oxford University to complete their ATP modules. This year, the modules ‘Neuroanatomy’ and ‘Trunk’ were on the schedule. An intensive week of nervous presentations, spot tests and discussions on wide-ranging aspects of anatomy were conducted, all under the watchful eye of the staff who oversaw the modules. Participants not only wrestled with the clinical anatomy of the anterior abdominal wall, pedagogical concepts and the intricacies of the limbic system, but also found themselves on the receiving end of learning sessions conducted by their peers. It was not all hard work, however. There was time for some exploration of Oxford’s eating establishments, culminating in an enjoyable evening at a well-known local fish restaurant. By the end of the week, seventeen certificates had been successfully earned by nine participants, two at distinction level. We were also joined on one or two days by three prospective candidates for next year’s programme, who came along to get a taste of the summer school.
 This year also saw the retirement from running the programme of David Heylings, who has done an excellent job of coordinating, overseeing and enhancing the programme over the past several years. It is to his credit that the ATP has been such a success and we shall miss him dearly. Luckily he has agreed to continue with some of the portfolios of this year’s participants, so we will not lose him entirely. Thank you, David, for your fantastic contribution!

Prof. Tracey Wilkinson

 (The participants making the most of the fabulous weather by sitting outdoors for dinner)

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