Anatomical Society achieves grant of arms

On the 5th February 2015 at 3.30pm at the Royal Astronomical Society, Mr William Hunt, Windsor Herald, presented Professor Clive Lee, President of the Anatomical Society, with Letters Patent.  Professor Lee said that he was delighted with the achievement of a most impressive grant of arms, the culmination of over two years’ work.
The event was attended by the current Officers and Councillors: Dr Imelda McGonnell (via Skype), Professor Kieran McDermott, Professor Emeritus Colin Ockleford, Dr Adam Taylor, Professor Stefan Przyborski, Dr Grenham Ireland, Professor Simon H. Parson, Dr Claire Smith, Dr Fabio Quondamatteo, Associate Professor Lopa Leach, Assistant Professor Siobhan Loughna, Professor Zoltán Molnár, Dr Abigail Tucker and Mr Joy Balta, who also represented the Institute of Anatomical Sciences. Also in attendance were: Immediate Past President of the Anatomical Society, Professor D. Ceri Davies, Mr Keith Lawrey, Learned Societies Officer, Foundation for Science and Technology, Dr David Heylings, Meetings Secretary, British Association of Clinical Anatomists, and Ms Mary-Anne Piggott, Executive Administrator, Anatomical Society. 
The Letters Patent by which the Arms are granted are written on vellum headed by the Royal Arms flanked by those of the Earl Marshal and the College of Arms, and with the seals of the Kings of Arms pendent beneath. The design alludes to the professions of members of the Anatomical Society who comprise medical practitioners, dentists, vets, scientists and artists. The frets in the Arms represent neural cells and the roundels within them, stem cells (for the scientists). A chevron is one of a series of bones on the ventral side of the tail in many reptiles and some mammals. The lion, the king of beasts (for the vets), in the Crest and in the Badge supports a Rod of Aesculapius (for the medical practitioners) and rests its paw on a skull (with teeth for the dentists). The Supporters are a male écorché and a female nude (for the artists). The motto ‘ex conformatione usus’ means ‘from structure comes function’.

Clive Lee - President                                  Acknowledgement: Photographs were taken by Ms Sophie Chester-Nash.

What's New


The Anatomical Society offers from 2 to 4 well-funded, high quality, PhD Prize Research Studentships to be held in departments undertaking research in anatomical sciences in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Funding is provided for three years to cover the stipend of the student (currently comparable to MRC funding levels), tuition fees, generous contribution toward project running costs, and a travel allowance for attendance at Anatomical Society meetings and to one international meeting.  Students are required to submit a poster or oral communication at a Society meeting in each year of the award. In addition, students are required to submit at least one original high quality research article to the Journal of Anatomy or Aging Cell as a significant output from the research performed during the studentship.  Applications are currently being invited from prospective supervisors for Studentships to commence in October 2016. Closing date for applications is Friday 28th August 2015. Further details, eligibility criteria and forms available here.

Undergraduate Summer Vacation Research Scholarships 2015 - 12 February 2015

Applications are currently being invited from prospective supervisors to commence a scholarship for up to a 10 week period in the summer vacation of 2015. Applicants must be Members of The Society who have been elected to membership by Council for at least a year. The closing date for applications is midnight Wednesday 1st April 2015. More details