Wiley Resources

Our Journal of Anatomy and Aging Cell publishers, Wiley, offer a hub of academic/professional network information and society resources for navigating the scientific and scholarly publishing industry. In particular, below are 5 useful articles aimed at early career researchers and students: 



8 simple steps to getting your work noticed

Want to do more to promote your work but find that often, you just don't have the time? Follow these 8 simple steps and get your work noticed!


9 common reasons for rejection

Articles get rejected for all manner of reasons, from easy to avoid errors and oversights, to simply falling outside of the journal’s scope, but what are the most common reasons for rejection?


7 essential tips for managing a large research project

About to undertake a large research project? Don’t miss these 7 essential tips to help you stay on track and focus on what’s important.


Navigating the world of citation metrics

The world of citation metrics can be a confusing one- what do they all mean, and how are they used to benchmark the performance of articles and journals? Find out in this infographic!


Choosing the right journal for your research

If you’re just starting out in your research career, one of the first challenges you might face is deciding which journal is right for your submission. With so many prestigious journals out there, which one is going to give you the best chances of publishing successfully?