Departmental Seminar Grants Award Recipients 2009/10

During the year Departmental Seminar Series Awards were made to the following members and meetings are planned to take place next year:

Professor Janice Marshall (Birmingham)– ‘The Biomechanics of bipedal gait: about modern humans, their ancestors and robots’. 26thJanuary 2011. Birmingham, UK.

Dr Jonathan Wakerley (Bristol)– ‘Intervertebral disc pain, degeneration and regeneration’. 6thOctober 2010. Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy University of Bristol.

Professor Jim Deuchars (Leeds)– ‘The Emotional Motor System’. 27thSeptember 2010. Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology, University of Leeds.

Professor Tony Payne (Glasgow)– ‘Modern Use of Huntarian Collection Specimens’. October/November 2010. Glasgow.

Dr Catrin Rutlin(linked award with the Symington Bequest Award) (Nottingham) – ‘6thMeeting of the Young Generation of Veterinary Anatomists (YGVA). 6-8thJuly 2011. School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham, UK.

Dr Holly Shiels(Manchester) – ‘The Society ‘manned’ a stand represented by Dr Grenham Ireland at the University of Manchester Faculty Research Symposium  24thSeptember 2010. Manchester. Promotional material was very kindly provided by Wiley –Blackwell.

Professor John Bannigan(UC Dublin) –Exact meeting to be confirmed.”