Winners - May 2012

Joint winners were Dr Oran Kennedy (City College of New York) and Dr Kieran McDermott (University College Cork) - images below


Title: Osteonal Vascular Junction

Description: Image taken from a cross-section of Villanueva stained cortical bone. It shows an osteonal Haversian canal, with a Volkmans canal emanating from each side. Interestingly the osteon is undergoing mineralization (stained red) and its osteocyte lacunae and, of particular interest, their canaliculi can be clearly seen. Image was acquired using a Zeiss-Apotome Optical Sectioning system.

Submitted by: Dr Oran Kennedy 

2- Embryonic Spinal Cord-sma

Title: Embryonic Spinal Cord

Description: Confocal image of nestin (red) positive radial neuroepithelial cells dorsally and co-localized nestin (red) and BLBP (green) positive radial glial cells ventrally in an 40 micron transverse section of the E14 rat spinal cord. Cell nuclei are labelled with bisbenzimide (blue).

Submitted by: Dr Kieran McDermott