Latest Aging Cell Best Paper Prize

Aging Cell Best Paper Prize 2016

Mitochondrial-targeted catalase is good for the old mouse proteome, but not for the young: ‘reverse’ antagonistic pleiotropy?

Basisty, N., Dai, D.-F., Gagnidze, A., Gitari, L., Fredrickson, J., Maina, Y., Beyer, R. P., Emond, M. J., Hsieh, E. J., MacCoss, M. J., Martin, G. M. and Rabinovitch, P. S.

Volume 15, Issue 4, pages 634–645, August 2016

Aging Cell Runner-Up Best Paper Prizes 2016

Mitochondrial metabolites extend lifespan

Mishur,R. J., Khan, M., Munkácsy, E., Sharma, L., Bokov, A., Beam, H., Radetskaya, O., Borror, M., Lane, R., Bai, Y. and Rea, S. L. 

Volume 15, Issue 2, pages 336-348, April 2016

Identification of a novel senolytic agent, navitoclax, targeting the Bcl-2 family of antiapoptotic factors

Zhu, Y., Tchkonia, T., Fuhrmann-Stroissnigg, H., Dai, H. M., Ling, Y. Y., Stout, M. B., Pirtskhalava, T., Giorgadze, N., Johnson, K. O., Giles, C. B., Wren, J. D., Niedernhofer, L. J., Robbins, P. D. and Kirkland, J. L. 

Volume 15, Issue 3, pages 428-435, June 2016