Honorary Fellow of the Society

Honorary Fellow of the Society

The Council itself or at least five members of the Society may nominate  to Council for election as Honorary Fellows such persons who have achieved considerable distinction in the anatomical sciences or who have made an outstanding contribution to the activities of the Anatomical Society. The award may be made to any individual and is not limited to current Members of the Society.

Honorary Fellows have the same rights as Full Members of The Anatomical Society, but are entitled to free membership, may use the designation 'Hon FAS' after their name and receive an electronic copy of the Journal of Anatomy free of charge.

Members should contact the Deputy Secretary (deputysecretary@anatsoc.org.uk) for further information.


New Honorary Fellow, Professor Sir Gabriel Horn writes:

‘Thank you very much for your letter informing me of the recent changes in my Society.  I say ‘my’ Society because I think it was the first academic society I joined so that I have always felt a part of it.  It is a pleasure to renew contact and an honour to become an Honorary Fellow of the Anatomical Society’.