Latest Recipient of Aging Cell Best Paper Prize

Aging Cell Best Paper Prize 2010

The annual prize for the best paper published in the journal Aging Cell in 2010 (Volume 9) has been awarded to Dr. Chen-Yu Liao and co-authors for their paper describing the "Genetic variation in the murine lifespan response to dietary restriction: from life extension to life shortening". The photograph shows Dr. Liao receiving his award from the President Professor D. Ceri Davies at the Cardiff Meeting in December 2011.

Aging Cell Runner-Up Best Paper Prizes 2010

The papers detailed below were judged by the editors of Aging Cell to merit the Aging Cell Runner-Up Best Paper Prize 2010. This Prize is awarded by the Anatomical Society's Prizes and Awards Committee, on the recommendation of the Editors-in-Chief of Aging Cell.

PAPER  9(4) 626-635
‘Resistance to experimental tumorigenesis in cells of a long-lived mammal, the naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber)’Sitai Liang, James Mele, Yuehong Wu, Rochelle Buffenstein and Peter J. Hornsby

PAPER  9(2) 162-173
‘SIRT6 protects against pathological damage caused by diet-induced obesity’Yariv Kanfi, Victoria Peshti, Reuven Gil, Shoshana Naiman, Liat Nahum, Eran Levin, Noga Kronfeld-Schor and Haim Y. Cohen

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