Anatomy Training Programme

Bursary Application Form for the Anatomical Society Anatomy Training Programme by distance learning

The Anatomical Society is pleased to make financial bursaries available to Society members who have been accepted onto the AS Anatomy Training Programme. The bursary is available for each year the trainee is present on the programme (normally up to a maximum of 2 years) and application for it must be made each year. The annual £700 bursary (£350 per module) is designed to be used for the course fee of £500 per year (£250 per module) and to provide some funds for applicants to use in attending the residential course or other related expenses. Where trainees are only taking one module in a year, the bursary and course fees will be halved. Please note that the successful bursary applicant will be required to pay the £500 course fee (£250 per module) as a refundable deposit which will be returned after completion of the summer residential school. The balance of the bursary (£200 per year or £100 per module) will be paid to the trainee to be used for the summer school or other expenses. Normally cheques will be made payable to the host department of the trainee, although where this is difficult payments to individuals may be possible.

ATP Bursary Form